Efficiently functioning organization needs efficient operation of all units – starting from the lowest level employees and ending with the highest level managers. The larger the organization, the more important role of the middle level manager is, since they take mediator role, communicate the vision and values of top management, coordinate daily activities and ensure consistent objectives.

Benefits for organization:

After implementation of 360-degree competency assessment system, all participants benefit:

  • Managers get the feedback about their performance and competencies from other people they work with. It leads to purposeful development of their leadership skills.
  • Top-level managers receive a summary about the efficiency of the managers’ team.
  • Subordinates are included into constructive dialogue on how to improve management culture in the organization.

How does CheckPoint 360 system work?

CheckPoint 360 competency evaluation system gives managers an opportunity to receive feedback about their work performance from the people they work with – managers, colleagues, subordinates.

The questionnaire is administered online, which helps to avoid many of paper filling forms. The system can be accessed at anytime from anywhere. To complete the questionnaire takes no more that 15-20 minutes.

After the feedback managers are able to compare the opinions of others and their own, pinpoint their strengths, and find their working areas that can be improved. Informative and illustrative diagrams and charts of reports make the reading very clear and allow manager to use information for effective personal development.

If you want to find out more about 360-degree feedback system, contact us.

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