The term “Potential” is typically used to suggest that an individual has the qualities (e.g. characteristics, motivation, skills, abilities, experiences etc.) to effectively perform and contribute in broader or different roles in the organisation, at some point in the future. Potential is associated with possibilities for the future rather than with problems in current performance.

The picture below illustrates an employee potential evaluation:


Potencialas EN







Backward Measures:

Performance matrix

                               Track record                                                                


Now Measures

Behaviour ratings


Competency based Interviews\

               360-degree assessment                              

Forward Measures



Personality measures

                                Cognitive abilities                                                   

The benefits for organization:

After the identification of potential employees organization is able to set the main steps for their development and retention. It helps to reduce staff turnover and probability of loss of human resources (e.g. when the best employees leave the job). Moreover, investment in training and development programs is beneficial because only the right employees will get it.

Other benefits:

  • Preparation for rotation of the key positions;
  • The existing internal Talent Bank allows to fill free positions quickly;
  • Easier transition from one position to another and also adaptation period is shorter;
  • Reduced likelihood of unsatisfactory staffing.

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