Organizations take a high risk while hiring a new employee: the cost of wrong choice is very high. Candidate Assessment provides an objective overview of the candidates’ competencies and their suitability for the particular job.

Candidate (both – internal and external) assessment

  • Helps to standardize the criteria of selection;
  • Reduces the risk of unsuccessful employment;
  • Helps to identify employees with the highest potential;
  • Reduces staff turnover;
  • Reduces the risk of candidate’s non-compliance to organization’s culture;
  • Allows the hiring managers to use common language and shared understanding of candidate competencies;
  • Provides guidance on how to develop a new hired employee;
  • Improves interviewing and talent identification skills of the managers.

How does the process look like?

We discuss with our client the requirements for candidates and build Performance model. Then, according to organization’s expectations and position in question, we select the most suitable assessment tools: psychometric assessments,  interview or practical tasks. The evaluation could be carried out either at Adduco or in client’s premises. Upon request, the client can participate in the assessment process. After the assessment we provide an informative feedback to our clients – Reports of candidate’s competencies and discuss the results. We also can provide the guidance to employee’s development for the candidate that has been hired.

Evaluation methods

We use the competency assessment methods that allow to assess the candidate quickly and objectively. Depending on the position and our client’s needs, assessment can vary in depth: starting from the test selection and administration, ending with building and delivery of individualized assessment center.

  • Testing

    Process. After discussing the client’s expectations, we offer the most suitable assessment tool and, if necessary, build a Performance Model. Candidate has to complete the questionnaire online; after that we provide informative reports  to client about the  candidate’s results and discuss them.
    Result. We provide informative reports to our client,  discuss assessment results and give recommendations. The candidate gets the feedback about his assessment results.

  • Combined assessment (testing plus other evaluation methods)

    Process.After discussing the client’s expectations, the list of competencies to be assessed is built and assessment methods are selected. Typically the candidate takes  the questionnaire online and meets the consultant for additional exercises – structured interview or simulations.  The client receives comprehensive report of assessment.
    Result. We provide informative report about candidate’s competencies and discuss it with the client. Candidate gets individual feedback about his or her personal results.

  • Assessment Center

    An Assessment Center is a comprehensive evaluation approach that allows candidates an opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a number of different situations.  It puts candidates through a series of group and individual exercises, interviews, and tests designed to simulate the conditions of a job and determines if they have the skills and abilities necessary to perform the job. It helps to assess candidates’ skills, fit to the position in question and identify development needs and potential of the employee.
    Process. Assessment process begin with a job analysis. Competencies are discussed and developed for the position in question. Multiple instruments are used to evaluate the competencies. The assessment center exercises last at least one day. Usually we recommend organize assessment outside the company so that candidates can step back from their everyday tasks at work.
    Result. We provide informative report about candidate’s competencies and discuss it with the client. Candidate gets individual feedback about his or her personal results.


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